5 Home Buying Tips for People who Work from Home

Dated: January 28 2019

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Telecommuting and working from home are becoming increasingly popular. If you work from home, here are five important considerations when deciding what home to purchase.

Layout of the Bedrooms

The layout of the bedrooms is an important consideration for people who work from home. In a two-story house, a downstairs bedroom with an ensuite keeps allows you to work late into the night without disturbing the other people living in the house. If two people in the house work from home, a Jack and Jill setup, where two bedrooms share an adjoining bathroom provides a useful work area, and allows them to communicate without having to go into a hallway.

Detached living areas

Granny flats, garage apartments, and freestanding outdoor rooms are perfect for an in-home workspace. These spaces are particularly helpful because they usually have entrances separate from the house. People who work from home often have to balance the distractions of being in their homes with the need to get work done. By having a work space that is completely separate from the home and does not have interior access to the house, you can have a space that is free from the distractions of being at home. When you finish working, you can enter the house and have a space that is completely separate from work.

Proximity to Office Amenities

Working from home may occur because you have a job that allows you to work from home or because the entirety of your work gets done at home. In the latter case, it is important to consider the proximity to necessary office amenities. These amenities include the post office, copy and print centers, and office supply stores. When searching for a home, make sure that you have the same amenities you would have in an office within a reasonable distance of your home to minimize drive time.

Availability of High Speed Internet

It is important to make sure that high-speed internet with a reliable service provide is available at a reasonable price. If you choose to live close to a city center you may have multiple options. If your home is in a rural area, however, you may have to rely on satellite internet or have significantly slower internet speeds. During the inspection period, make sure to check on the availability of internet services in your area. If you are purchasing an older home that has not had upgrades, make sure that the wiring can handle the internet speeds you need.

Location of Outlets

Scope out the locations of outlets in the rooms you want to use as an office. Home offices require a number of electronics including computers, printers, internet routers, monitors, and many other devices you need to plug in. Make sure that the place you will use as a home office has enough outlets to accommodate the devices you will use. In older houses, make sure to have an electrician check out the outlets to ensure that they will be able to handle using multiple devices simultaneously and you will not overload the circuit when using multiple devices.

Working from home is much more convenient than having to go in to an office every day. By keeping these important tips in mind, you can ensure that you have a home that suits your work and living needs.

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5 Home Buying Tips for People who Work from Home

Telecommuting and working from home are becoming increasingly popular. If you work from home, here are five important considerations when deciding what home to purchase.Layout of the BedroomsThe

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