5 Best Complimentts I’ve Gotten from Clients

Dated: February 8 2019

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My professional life has always been client-facing. Throughout college and law school, I worked as a copywriter and produced content for many different clients on many different topics. As a lawyer, I have worked with a number of clients on a variety of legal issues. Now as a real estate broker associate, I work with clients to help them buy and sell homes. So, as a change of pace, I thought I’d write about 5 useful pieces of advice I’ve gotten from clients and how they shape my customer service philosophy.

“You are the only one who asked me what I wanted.”

This feedback came from my very first legal client. I was a freshly minted lawyer with no legal experience, but a client hired me to help him through a complex divorce. When I asked why the client chose to work with me, the client said that in interviewing five other attorneys, none asked what he wanted, only told him what they could do for him. Understanding what my clients want and need has always been natural for me. Having received this feedback, I now make it a point to clearly and directly ask clients what they want early in the conversation. This helps guide the conversation and helps me focus my skills and talents towards my client’s goals.

“You are persistent and stick around.”

I worked with clients looking for a specific home in a specific neighborhood for two years. They had other agents on drip campaigns sending them every property in that neighborhood that came up. I did not do that; instead, I set myself up with drip campaigns and filter out the properties that they did not want, and texted and emailed them every time something that seemed interesting came up. My clients appreciated the direct contact and appreciated that I was engaged. As an agent, I not only want to be the expert on the real estate side, I want to be the expert on what you want. Being an expert in what my clients want is the only way to be the best fiduciary possible.

“You are very methodical and thorough.”

I worked with a client who had a complex property sale. The transaction had many moving parts including parties that were out of country, and complexities with the property itself. We received over 10 offers on the property after it was listed. When reviewing offers, I not only went through all of the offer terms, I also explained to my client how all of the terms fit in with the complexities of the transaction. My client appreciated my thoroughness and ability to deal with the complexities of the transaction. Despite the factors working against us, we managed to close the deal quickly, smoothly and on my client’s terms.

“You have great ideas.”

I was drafting a contract for a legal client. After having met with the client, it became clear that the client was uncertain how to proceed with some strategic aspects of the contract. Although my client had hired me as an attorney, I took time to work with the client to do some strategic business planning to determine how the contract would fit into the overall business model. My client greatly appreciated my ideas and ability to provide strategic suggestions beyond the contract. The contract became a significant part of the client’s business model, and the client appreciated how my vision helped reframe the contract and the company’s strategic position.

“You are always reliable.”

In addition to my work with clients, I also volunteer for a variety of organizations. Many organizations relying on volunteers find that it is difficult to find reliable people who show up and stay on task. A board member of an organization approached me one time and said that she appreciated that I was always willing to work behind the scenes to help make an event successful. As an agent, much of the work I do happens behind the scenes, and my clients will not necessarily know it happened. However, I know how important the behind the scenes work is, and am as committed to it as I am with the client-facing work my clients can see.

I always take the time to debrief and talk to my clients about their experience working with me. I find that doing so helps me provide better customer service and understand what clients want when working with a professional. If you’re curious to hear more or hear directly from the people who gave me this feedback, contact me and I will be happy to put you in contact!

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