5 Tips for Keeping your Kitchen Organized

Dated: January 31 2019

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Keeping the kitchen organized is a challenge because the kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. However, buyers rate the kitchen as one of the rooms they scrutinize the most when purchasing a home. Thus, applying these tips for keeping your kitchen organized can help you sell your home for top dollar!

Hang up Pots and Pans

Pot and pan hangers are relatively inexpensive and go a long way towards keeping your kitchen organized. By hanging pots and pans, you keep them within reach while ensuring that the do not clutter countertops or cabinets. By freeing up cabinet space, you can put away more unsightly items, keeping your kitchen attractive and inviting. An ideal place for putting the pot and pan hanger is above a kitchen island or next to the cooking range.

Use Compartmentalized Organizers

Compartmentalized organizers are a wonderful addition to your kitchen junk drawer as well as other drawers. The most common of these organizers is for organizing your flatware drawer. It allows you to separate out knives, forks and spoons so you can find them easily. However, compartmentalized organizers can also serve to organize measuring spoons, long cooking utensils, and even those spices you rarely use.

Use Lazy Susans in your Cabinets

Lazy Susans are helpful additions to cabinet spaces. They allow you to make the most use of space while keeping everything within easy reach. For example, use a Lazy Susan in your spice cabinet to make it easy to see all of the spices. You can easily turn it to find spices without having to dig through all of the spices to find one spice bottle lost in the back of the cabinet. In addition, you can use a Lazy Susan in your cookware cabinet to easily find the right cookware.

Use See-Through Storage

Cooking is visual in nature. Therefore, consider using clear storage containers that you can see into. Having clear containers minimizes the amount of time you spend hunting down an item or trying to decipher what you wrote on a label. In addition, having clear storage containers makes your kitchen accessible to all who use it. Opaque storage containers mean that people in the kitchen must either know where everything is, or have to rifle through different parts of the kitchen to find items.

Keep Counters Clear

There is a temptation to keep small appliances and other frequently-used items on kitchen counters. However, keeping these items on the counter uses up counter space and makes it different to prepare food. Consider having dedicated space in cabinets to store small appliances such as toasters, coffee makers, coffee grinders, popcorn makers, etc. By having a space to put away these items and only having them out when you need them, you ensure that your kitchen stays organized and that you have room to use the kitchen when you need it.

Keeping a clean kitchen is important when living in a house, and is also very important when selling your home. By applying these simple tips, you can ensure that your kitchen stays organized. This not only makes it easier to show your home when you sell, but also makes it easier to navigate your kitchen when you live in your home.

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5 Tips for Keeping your Kitchen Organized

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